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My Secret Admirer Didn’t Show - A poem.

Welcome to five minute poems. Written on G-chat with Linda Chen. when I asked her for V-day plans, she replied with this and now it’s a poem. haha.

My Secret Admirer Didn’t Show…
by: Ivan Tsang and Linda Chen

My Secret Admirer didn’t show
I wonder where did he go,
did he have other plans,
or move to a far away land,
did he meet someone new,
making me feel like an old shoe,
thrown away,
but i wait another day,
because someday,
he will return,
and it will be my turn,
to be his secret admirer.

=) i should have changed it to she but i’m staying with original way it was written. I still like women for the record.

but ya, i’ll stick to TV writing. ~Ivan

Go Watch “Lovely Bones.” Don’t let the mixed reviews stop you, this film is damn good.

Go Watch “Lovely Bones.” Don’t let the mixed reviews stop you, this film is damn good.

It might be CKIM’s Birthday but I’m the one that got a present today! Thanks MS. Kim for the Best song of 2010 (so far) HAHAH Get ‘EM TIGER!  ~Ivan


Hello all.

my favorite sg co leader has a TUMBLR! She still doesn’t have FB but her parents don’t know what Tumblr is so this should work!

Add her! It’s called Turtley.Tumblr.com  (turtley ie gracey. GET IT hahaha) TURTLE POWER! ~Ivan

I can’t get enough of Keisha. Does this make me gay? ~Ivan

Friday Night Lights = Awesome

I believe these tumbles are supposed to stay short. So all I’m  going to say is this. I’ve been re-watching the first season of  Friday Night Lights and it is awesome. It’s weird to see the  original gang seeing where the show has gone but it’s funny to  also see HOW MUCH BETTER the show has gotten in its fourth  season. The show was always good but watching the first season  just shows how much better it’s gotten. If you’re not a fan. GO  WATCH IT! and yes. this was my first post. How sad but I like  random tumbles. Pictured to the left is Lyla Garrity and I have put  her on my wife short-list. ~Ivan

I’m on TUMBLR!

Hi everybody.

I am trying out this thing called Tumblr. I guess what I’m doing isn’t blogging but actually tumbling. I hope you enjoy my first tumble. This should automatically be posting on my FB. Hopefully it works!

So add me if you are a tumbler. My name is TurtlePwr.tumblr.com